Barge road in Ramingining

Most roads around Ramingining are currently closed. Heavy earthmoving machinery has been brought in from Milingimbi and offloaded at the Ramingining barge landing, along with a barge load full of gravel in the hopes that the road to the community can be repaired. The Ramingining earthmoving equipment drove towards the barge as far as it could, and from each end the two teams have been working long hours filling holes in the road.

Repair works commenced over a week ago, and have come to a halt today. This poses a real problem for the community, as the Ramingining Store shelves are currently standing empty without food orders making it through to the town. There is no meat in the community, and those lucky enough to have gone hunting for buffalo are selling the food to others.

Here is a video of one of the Remote Area Tree Services trips to the Ramingining Barge:

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